5 Tips for the Perfect Newborn Photo Shoot

5 Tips for the Perfect Newborn Photo Shoot

We’ve all been in a situation like this: as we scroll through social media posts, we come across serene images of a newborn baby, wrapped snugly and sleeping blissfully. These are the kinds of images that make you think that only a professional baby photographer could have captured such perfection. But, the truth is, you can capture these images too! Newborn photography can be intimidating, but it is also extremely rewarding. Using a few of my tips, you can create the ideal environment for capturing some absolutely magical images of any little bundle of cuteness.

  1. Timing is everything. 

There is a small stretch of time in a baby’s life during which you’re able to wrap or dress your little one in outfits, pose them, and capture the most adorable shots while baby is still sleeping. The first 4 -5 weeks of life is an ideal time for this. In their first month or so out in the world, babies are extra sleepy, giving you the perfect opportunity to take their first photos. Not only are you able to easily pose them without the fear of waking them, you can also capture images of the tiny toes, little fingers, and scrunchy faces that any parent would swoon over. You’ll also avoid the dreaded baby acne that tends to pop up during the second or third month of life.

  1. Be patient and give yourself plenty of time to capture the perfect moment.

On the note of timing, give yourself plenty of it! After all, newborns are unpredictable. I always suggest a two-hour block of time for newborn photo sessions. Going slow and being patient with baby and the new parents will help ease some stress and ensure that everyone is relaxed during the shoot. Give yourself plenty of extra time after outfit or diaper changes to make sure that baby has time to settle down after a stressful situation. If you’re patient, you will be rewarded with shots of a relaxed, serene baby. 

  1. Use props, props, and more props! 

Props add a special touch to any photo shoot, but are essential for newborn photos. Don’t expect that the new parents will come with all the right stuff – they are stressed enough as is! Keep in mind that babies come in all shapes and sizes, and have different sized baskets, blankets, outfits, and other newborn essentials on hand to make sure that your session runs smoothly.  

  1. Be prepared.

This is key for any photoshoot, but especially important with newborn photography. Make sure that you have great lighting, a sound machine to help soothe your little model, and a comfortable room temperature. Keep a basket nearby with baby essentials, including wipes, hand sanitizer, a hair brush, etc. Being prepared will help your session run smoothly, and will also impress your clients. After all, you want to make sure the new parents feel comfortable with you handling their precious cargo. 

  1. Get ready to pose (baby, that is)!

When posing baby, remember that it is important to go slow and be patient. Make sure your hands are clean and warm, and always be extra gentle. Remember that babies are squirmy and may decide at the last moment that they don’t like the position they’re in. Thankfully, there are tons of swaddles and wraps you can use to get must-have newborn shots.. If you’re gentle and calm throughout the shoot, you may just find that baby will sleep through it all. 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your newborn photo shoots go off without a hitch. And, as always, be confident in your photography skills and abilities, and have fun with it!