Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Like any artist, sometimes photographers find ourselves at a standstill, staring at a brick wall and feeling less than inspired to create. 

Over the years, I’ve found a few tricks that have helped re-spark the love affair between myself and my creativity. 

The first is embracing nature. There is something about taking a long quiet walk in the woods or near the water that helps get the creative juices flowing. I’ve walked the same trails a hundred times, but I can always find something new to capture my attention. Even if I’m just sitting somewhere quietly, surrounded by wildlife, I find that nature helps me to refocus. 

Secondly, look towards your sources of inspiration. We all have our favorite people, creators, and pieces of art that made us fall in love with our craft in the first place, right? Try to replicate some of your favorites. One of my favorite photographers is Sally Mann. Most of her work featured her children and their innocence. The other thing I absolutely loved about her work is that they were all done in black and white. Mimicking your favorite artist is a simple idea to replicate and create new pieces for your own portfolio.

The third trick is to step out of the “box”. This one is hard because it makes us uncomfortable. But a part of growing and expanding your work is to try new and bold things. Find an artist or image that is totally different from what you’re used to, and try to recreate it. It’s okay if it’s not an exact replica; you want to add your own personal style to it.

Lastly, even when you don’t feel inspired, always make sure your camera is nearby. You never know when you’ll stumble upon that ideal shot. There have been so many times that I was driving somewhere, and I had to pull over to capture a perfect sunset or building scene. You never know when the light will be shining so perfectly through the trees that you have to just stop and take a photo. The world around us is forever changing; even a year from now, things will look different. Always keep your eye out for something spectacular.