4 Essential Steps to Prepare for the Perfect Wedding Photos

4 Essential Steps to Prepare for the Perfect Wedding Photos

When it comes to your big day, there’s quite a range of stress and emotion, not to mention months of planning every single detail. A lot of people tend to forget that the photographer should also be in the loop. When I meet with my clients to sign their wedding photo agreement, I ask them to do a few simple things to help me better prepare for the big day. 

1. Create an itinerary.

Having a detailed timeline of what your wedding day will look like is very beneficial to your photographer. Providing either a paper copy or a digital file is helpful because it allows your photographer to create their own plan on how to successfully tackle your big day without missing a beat. The timeline should include locations, timeframes, and important people, as well as relevant phone numbers and addresses. 

2. Think about your style.

I highly encourage my clients to search on Pinterest, Google, and other platforms to find poses, locations, and inspiration for their wedding photos. Did you find a super cute pose? Let’s recreate it! Did you want to do a fun first look? Let’s talk about how we can execute it. This is your big day, and the more you include your photographer on your ideas, the better the results will turn out. After all, our job is to capture your special day so that you can look back on it year after year with nothing but positive memories.

3. Define your must-haves.

I can’t stress this one enough! Take the time and make a list of your absolute must-have photos. Looking back on my own wedding day, I realized that I didn’t take the time to do this, and guess what happened? I didn’t get a single photo of my mom and me. I can never get that moment back. I know it sounds silly and obvious, but think about the people who are important and any sentimental things that you may want to include in your wedding photos, whether that’s a photo or memento of someone who has passed away or something that’s traditional to your culture or beliefs. If you can provide your photographer with a detailed list of must-have photos, you can hold them accountable, and make sure that they don’t miss anything important. 

4. Rehearse.

With all of my wedding clients, I make it a priority to attend the rehearsal. This is the perfect opportunity to get a lay of the land. Being able to see how the ceremony will take place, as well as understanding lighting and space, will help your photographer plan where to stand and how to maneuver through their surroundings to capture every detail. 

Whether you’re having a big wedding with multiple locations or a more intimate event, keep your photographer in mind when you’re planning. I promise you won’t regret it. If you’re a photographer reading this, don’t be afraid to ask your clients for these important things. The more prepared you are for an event, the better your photos will turn out.