Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche

Photographers often get pulled in many different directions. We’re asked to photograph weddings, parties, families, children, nature, and so much more. While I firmly believe we should be versatile and have the ability to adapt, we all know the style and type of photography that gets us excited and passionate about our craft. 

I say find your niche. What is it that you could spend hours doing? What makes you excited? No matter what it is (family photography, studio styled sessions, wildlife and nature), I encourage you to dive right in and engulf yourself in that particular area. Perfecting your style, and gaining the experience and knowledge behind it, will separate you from everyone else.

 I’m not saying only offer one particular type of photography to your clients. Instead try making your niche the main focus of your photography business. If you’re able to have multiple photographers and artists on your team, encourage them to find their unique specialty as well. This will make you a powerhouse amongst your competitors. If each person on your team can perfect their unique craft and style, you will be able to offer so much more to your clients. By utilizing each photographer’s unique strengths and skills, you’ll be able to not just provide an image, but an everlasting experience.

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Airavata Studios provides memorable event and family photography to clients in the Ann Arbor area and beyond. We ensure a positive experience at every session by always taking a customer-focused, flexible approach.