15 Inspiring Ideas for an Unforgettable Engagement Photo Session

15 Inspiring Ideas for an Unforgettable Engagement Photo Session

There are many different types of engagement photo sessions. Whether you’ve decided to take your engagement photos indoors or outdoors, your engagement photo session should be about you and your partner. Here we’ve outlined some of our favorite ideas for memorable engagement photos. Not only are they guaranteed to create memorable shots, they are also easy to replicate with any couple. As you and your partner prepare for your engagement photo session, take a look and choose the ideas that both inspire you and make you feel comfortable.

1. Keep things traditional.

Side-by-side shots are the most traditional option for engagement photos. Usually, these are shots of the happy couple walking, sitting, or dancing, all while gazing into the camera. They can be full body shots, or just include head and shoulders views. These shots are great for Save the Dates, and for showing off to your friends and family. 

2. Don’t forget to embrace.

You don’t have to kiss to show the romance in your relationship. A lot of couples feel more comfortable capturing a hug on camera rather than a smooch. There are lots of options for photo-ready embraces, from a hug where one partner is behind the other to an embrace where one partner is raised up into the air. Whatever embrace you choose, make sure that both partners feel comfortable with it.

3. Capture the details. 

An engagement photography session is a great time to zoom in on the details. Whether you’re getting a shot of the engagement rings posed side by side, or a close-up shot of the happy couple’s hand-holding, these photos are a great way to mix things up. 

4. Gaze into each other’s eyes.

Create an intimate engagement portrait by gazing into your partner’s eyes. Whether you are posed forehead-to-forehead or nose-to-nose, these shots are a great way to show off the love you and your partner share. And if the more intimate moment is not for you, these poses can also lead to some great laughter shots. 

5. Snag a kiss.

Kisses don’t always look great on camera. It’s a good idea to keep your photo kisses light, and mix it up between kisses on the mouth, forehead, or even hand. Your photographer may also want to capture the moment right before you kiss, as it can be an amazing opportunity to capture feelings of love and anticipation. 

6. Include your pets.

Pets bring a lot of joy to many couples. Including your pets in your photoshoot can be a great opportunity to capture some of that natural happiness and fun. When including your pet in your engagement photo session, make sure to choose a location that works for them. After all, taking your indoor, unleashed cat to a local park may not be such a smart idea.

7. Find a breathtaking location. 

It’s not very often that you get to have professional photos taken. Your engagement photo session can be a great opportunity to get some scenic shots. Scope out some local parks or venues, or ask your photographer for some of their favorite photo locations. A shot of you and your love, with a breathtaking background, will make for a memorable photo, and serve as a great Save the Date picture.

8. Let your fun side out. 

Engagement photos don’t have to be serious. Throw in some playful poses (anything from a snowball fight to a picture of you and your partner jumping for joy). Just remember, if your fun is likely to get messy, save it for last.

9. Dress it down.

For some people, getting all dolled up for photos is simply not their thing. Instead, choose items from your current wardrobe that make you feel most comfortable and confident. If you have a signature item of clothing, include it in your engagement photo shoot. Anything can work as long as it is true to you.

10. Hold each other’s hands.

Hand-holding shots are pretty iconic when it comes to engagement photo sessions. They’re also a great beginning pose for couples that are not super comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographer may have you hold hands while walking, standing still, or even dancing.  

11. Embrace the golden hour.

In a lot of ways, timing is more important than location. Golden hour shots (which take place the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise) are great for capturing stunning photos with the perfect amount of natural light.

12. Include your hobby.

Do you and your partner love to ski/play boardgames/try out local breweries? Whatever hobbies you like to do together, consider including them in your engagement photo session. Instead of focusing on finding a location, choose an activity or place that you and your partner both enjoy. This can also help you, as a couple, feel more relaxed, as the engagement session becomes more about enjoying life than posing for photos. 

13. Incorporate some props.

Props don’t have to be cheesy! There are endless options available for what items you can incorporate into an engagement photo shoot. In recent years, handmade signs, smoke bombs, balloons, and other props have become popular, and can easily be added to any couple’s engagement photos. If you make sure that the props are meaningful to you and your partner, your photos won’t feel cheesy or forced.

14. Reenact the proposal.

Very few couples have a professional photographer around during their proposal. An engagement photo session can be an opportunity to recreate that special moment on camera. You can either stage the whole thing, or just take a few photos at the site of the proposal. Either way, reenacting elements of the proposal can be a fun way to make your engagement photos memorable. 

15. Keep your shoot at home.

You don’t have to travel far to get gorgeous photos. Some couples choose to take their engagement photos in the place they feel most comfortable: their home. Your home can be a cozy option for stunning indoor photos, or serve as a last-minute backup in case of bad weather. Look online or talk to your photographer for ideas about how to get great engagement shots in your home. 

Whichever ideas you decide to try out for your engagement photo session, make sure to chat them over first with your professional photographer. That way, everyone will be on the same page about what you can reasonably accomplish during your limited time. 

At Airavata Studios, our dedicated team of professional photographers is ready to make your engagement photo session an unforgettable experience. 

Your engagement photos should be about who you are as a couple. No awkward poses, no mandatory outfit coordination, just an opportunity to show off your unique love on camera. We’re all about helping you feel comfortable and relaxed so that your happiness and love can shine through the photos.